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Application Testing

Application Testing

The typical Quality Assurance (QA) activities aimed at ensuring both process and product quality at 4U4B include internal and external audits, managerial reviews, peer reviews, and software testing resulting in:

✓ Reduced development and maintenance costs

✓ Improved software products quality

✓ Reduced project cycle time

✓ Increased customer satisfaction

✓ Improved staff morale thanks to predictable results in stable conditions with less overtime/crisis/turnover

Testing methodology

To assure the developed system meets the full set of the customer’s requirements, we employ the functional testing software methodology. It aims at identifying and exposing maximum numbers of issues and associated risks, communicating all known issues to the project team to ensure they are addressed and resolved before the release.

The methodology incorporates the "Black box" technique relying on a three-level structure of test scenarios, including Smoke Test, Critical Path Test, and Extended Test employing such test types as:

✓ Installation

✓ New feature

✓ Regression

✓ Integration

✓ Compatibility

✓ Usability

✓ Internationalization (i18n)

✓ Localization (l10n)

✓ Security testing

✓ Automated testing